Different Types of Costume Jewelry

You've had some. You've worn some. You may have even sold some, but you don't know the characteristics associated with costume jewelry? To really understand what it is, you first need to find out what it is not. There are three different kinds of jewelry which we will discuss.

Fine Jewelry

This type of jewelry may be the most commonly heard with. It is made with silver and gold coins and set with precious gemstones which include ruby, sapphire, emerald, and also diamond. Engagement rings and diamond-studded earrings fit in this category.

Bridge Jewelry

This version of jewelry "bridges" the gap between fine and costume outfit jewelry. Usually, bridge jewelry is made from sterling silver. If it is set with and gemstones, they are the semi-precious versions. Pretty much any gemstones that are not in the superb category will go with this one.

Costume Jewelry

This type of jewelry is made with base metals which can be gold or silver plated and it is normally set with decanter or glass stones or crystals. The concept of a 'costume' came into use in the 1930s thanks to movie producer Cecil B. Demille.

Being that wholesale fancy dress costume jewelry or cheap costume jewelry is not really made from precious precious metals or gemstones people think it's low-cost. This is a danerous belief. Up to 5, 000 dollars has been paid for a piece of fashion jewelry.

Bakelite jewelry is believed very rare and extremely popular to collectors. If you have a high quality piece of Bakelite jewelry you could get thousands of dollars correctly. Though it is inexpensively made, don't discount such a jewelry for its high prices to the collector's market.





Fashion Accessories Wholesale Distributors - Getting Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Reliable fashion accessories wholesale distributors are not that easy to find. They may be abundant after you search for them online but these are either frauds or wouldn't have good deals. Going into the fashion accessories business constitutes a way of profiting from items which are needed by people a whole lot of day. Fashion accessories wholesalers can sell products ranging from bags, jewelry, jeans, t-shirts, and other accessories that the person might use with regard to everyday fashion. We all know when we dress in place, we automatically feel good about ourselves. It gives us this comfort we need along with the confidence we seek after we socialize with other people.

Factors When Deciding on a Wholesaler

Whenever you are looking for a reliable fashion extras supplier, there are factors that you need to bear in mind.

1. Credibility of the wholesaler. You need to first determine whether your potential fashion accessories supplier is a respectable company or not. This can easily be achieved through a quick search over websites like the Better Business Bureau to find out about the company. You can also try to look for your potential wholesaler through city agencies. Most of enough time they would have a record of the company's background. Another way is to help ask people in a forum on the subject or if you can find an existing or ex - client, ask them for a opinion about the corporation.

2. Quality of the fashion accessory. Wholesale fashion accessories of great quality can easily be considered an asset that is worth spending on by most people. They can make an extremely profitable home business and will assist you to gain a steady earnings. With this in head, find out whether the accessories you will be getting is of top quality with a high resale potential. If it helps, you might like to narrow your business to a particular accessory and concentrate on that before you side out.

3. Pricing. Evaluate the wholesaler price before people make your orders. Even though you might be getting a good price, it is best if you try to compare the firm with another wholesaler just to get a good idea. You can get great discounts and you can always find good deals on wholesale fashion accessories online. Don't simply shop for fashion accessories wholesale distributors for the reason that were the first one relating to the list. You need to consider several factors to help you have a great company in resale.





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